Real Estate Partnership Program


Bauer Construction Group has been helping realtors all over South Jersey by providing them and their clients with all sorts of construction, handyman, and general repairs in order to prepare a property for sale or to get it ready for a new family to move in.

We have come to understand that one of the most important aspects of the realtor experience is keeping the customer focused on the work you are doing with them. We have developed a program that allows you to refer clients to us and stay informed throughout the entire repair process.

Getting Ready For Sale

If your client has some items that they want to accomplish to help sell their home we are here to help. We can guide them through the process of painting, updating flooring, electrical and more to have their home looking it’s best!

Post-Inspection Work

When a homeowner gets an inspection report back it can catch them off guard and leave them with a very small window to accomplish a lot of tasks. Have them call us and we will take care of it.

Our Services

General Handyman Work
and More…

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